What is Vinyl Cladding?

What is Vinyl Cladding?

What is Cladding?

When discussing what ‘vinyl cladding’ is, it is best to understand the definition of cladding in the first place. Cladding is defined as “a covering or coating on a structure or material”. In the case of the cladding that our company provides, we offer most types including vinyl cladding, PVC cladding, aluminium cladding and steel cladding. For the purpose of this article we are going to focus on what vinyl cladding and weatherboards are, the benefits of vinyl cladding and why vinyl cladding is the smartest choice for your home.

As mentioned, cladding is a “covering or coating”, an addition to a structural material; in this case a house. House cladding is traditionally done with timber weatherboards which need maintenance and can succumb to the harsh realities of Australian Weather. You can think of vinyl cladding as a protective barrier that improves upon timber weatherboards, providing insulation, sound dampening, water resistance and a lifetime of no maintenance.

Installing Vinyl Cladding

 Vinyl Cladding

Vinyl cladding is defined as a type of cladding made from PVC combined with other substances. Generally available in various profiles in a horizontal weatherboard, it also comes in a vertical weatherboard which is suitable for various applications. Vinyl cladding is also generally sold with foam insulation affixed to the back of the board, providing greater insulation benefits than other materials on the market.


The benefits of Vinyl Cladding

The biggest benefit for most people purchasing vinyl cladding for their home is the fact that it is a truly maintenance free cladding product. Most other products on the market will require repainting or repairs over time, or may corrode, warp or crack eventually. Our Kaycan Insulated Vinyl Cladding comes backed with a Lifetime* warranty against any of these issues, ensuring you peace of mind in choosing our product to transform your home.

Our Kaycan vinyl cladding is resistant to fading as there is no base layer or coat on the surface that gives it it’s colour, rather the entirety of the material is made from the single colour. Due to the method of vinyl cladding production, there are various colours available to suit and taste.

In addition to all of these durability benefits, vinyl cladding is also a very sustainable product. Vinyl cladding is made from leftovers that would otherwise be discarded into landfill, and it is 100% recyclable as well. Adding to the products sustainability, it provides greater energy efficiency for you home to enable you to achieve your energy efficiency goals. The insulation factors in combination with the material itself allow for a greater insulation benefit than other cladding materials on the market, helping to reduce energy costs and reduce emissions.

Vinyl Cladding Insulation

Why Kaycan Insulated Vinyl Cladding and Paintbusters Cladding right for your home?

Vinyl cladding is easily one of the most affordable, durable and efficient cladding options on the market, allowing you to save money in the short term and the long term. Its versatility and how it can be combined with other materials to create both a classic or contemporary look for your home makes it the perfect option for anyone.

With Kaycan Insulated Vinyl Cladding’s Lifetime* warranty in combination with our 35+ years in the industry you can be sure that your home will look good for a lifetime.

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