In addition to cladding, we offer various additional services to accommodate your renovation. Whether it be finishing touches like eave lining and gable vents, or window and door replacements, we can provide all the services you require. 

Eave Lining

Eave lining is a great way to elevate your newly renovated home to the next level. Rather than having cement sheeting which will show its age rather quickly, our insulated vertical vinyl cladding is the perfect option. It will provide that point of difference that makes your home stand out from the rest. 


Window Shutters & Gable Vents

Window shutters and gable vents are a way that you can add that little bit extra to your renovation for a marginal cost. These small additions can really bring out the character of your home and give it that extra complexity that you may be looking for. 


Window & Door Replacement

One of the most commonly used extra services that we provide is window and door replacements. We work with local suppliers to get you great quality windows and doors made to your specification, and dispose of your current aged doors. 


Roofing & Guttering

Oftentimes when cladding, our clients request that we replace the roofing and/or guttering on their home also. We only work with the best, Bluescope Lysaght, and provide all of the necessary products and service required to replace your dilapidated roofing with brand new roofing that will last a lifetime. Other services such as fascia work are also provided by us.