Vinyl Cladding FAQ

+ How does vinyl cladding compare to other materials?

When compared to the other cladding option on the market, i.e. render, steel, aluminium, fibre cement, timber etc. Vinyl cladding consistently beats all of these in every aspect.

Vinyl cladding never needs to be painted again unlike many products, it provides excellent insulation and fire extinguishing benefits, it is extremely easy to maintain and repair if something unfortunate does happen and our Kaycan Insulated Vinyl Weatherboard comes with a limited lifetime warranty against severe fading, hail damage, warping and cracking. These are benefits that you just cannot get with other cladding products on the market.

+ Can I get a free quote?

Of Course! If you would like to organise a free quote feel free to contact us here or give us a call at 1800-635-288. Once we organise a time we will come to you, show you our product and installation system and prove to you that it is the right solution for your home or project.

+ Do I need to paint vinyl cladding?

Never! The colour of vinyl cladding is throughout the entire product, with no base layers and top coats. Due to this fact it is one of the reasons severe fading is a part of the limited lifetime warranty on our Kaycan Insulated Vinyl Cladding.

+ How will your vinyl cladding perform in a fire?

Vinyl weatherboards will perform much better than regular timber weatherboards. The combustion points of vinyl cladding far exceeds timber weatherboards, and once a flame is removed it won’t combust, rather smoulder. In addition to this, our foam insulation backing is manufactured with a flame retardant throughout the product. This means that like all organic materials it will eventually ignite with a naked flame touching it, however once the flame is removed it will self-extinguish and no longer be on fire.

+ Do you specialise in products other than vinyl cladding?

Yes! Whilst our recommended product is our Kaycan Insulated Vinyl Cladding, we do offer various other products. Oftentimes insurance work requires products to be matched up as only sections may have been damaged, in this case we can match up and fix the damaged areas. If required we can supply and fit other brands of vinyl cladding, PVC cladding, aluminium cladding, steel cladding and corrugated iron weatherboards. We are cladding specialists, not just vinyl cladding specialists. Get in contact with us today and we can discuss your options.

+ Is vinyl cladding insulated?

For the most part, yes. All of our products that we actively sell and promote all feature insulation affixed to the back of the weatherboard. In addition to this our insulation is self-extinguishing, meaning that once a naked flame is removed from the product the flame can no longer continue to spread. Some vinyl weatherboards on the market do not have an insulation backing, however be sure that all of the products we sell are insulated, unless otherwise requested.

+ How do I clean my vinyl cladded home?

Cleaning and maintenance of vinyl cladding is much easier than any other product on the market. All vinyl cladding requires is to be hosed (preferably with a pressure cleaner) once or twice a year to keep it looking at its best. There is no need to paint or replace/repair anything to maintain the product, it is truly maintenance free.

+ How durable is vinyl cladding?

Vinyl cladding and weatherboards are definitely one of the most durable cladding products on the market. In particular our Kaycan Insulated Viny Cladding which comes with an industry leading limited* lifetime warranty, hail damage warranty and 7-year workmanship guarantee. Our Kaycan Insulated Vinyl Cladding is warranted against excessive fading, warping and cracking.

+ How much does vinyl cladding cost?

The cost of cladding your home will vary depending on many factors, i.e. the quantity and size of your windows and openings, the amount of trim required and whether scaffolding is required etc.

Due to these circumstances it is quite impossible to give an accurate, professional quote over the phone unless plans are provided. If you would like a free quote, feel free to contact us here or give us a call at 1800-635-288.


General FAQ

+ Where are you based?

Currently our warehouse is based in Geelong, however most of our work is located in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. We currently service all of Victoria, NSW, Tasmania and South Australia.

+ What areas do you service?

We currently work throughout all of Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania. Most of our work currently is in Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs, however we service all of these areas. We have done work in most metropolitan and country towns across Victoria.